When it comes to playing within a community, one of the most common things that a lot of our members within this guild will end up commenting about it is that, "When our leaders say, 'Welcome Home' whenever we log on, we really feel at home."

<Order of the Five>

We are a guild that not only incentivizes on a casual environment, but we are a community of players who play SW:TOR together as any game should be intended: to have fun!

Our guild runs on the idea that we make decisions for the benefit of the entire community or we dont make decisions at all. Including the leadership of myself (Sciophobic Godfear), we lead our community through a council that consists of five (5) total members, and we cypher through information that is provided to us from everyone that wishes to provide imput. From our members, to our team leaders, to our officers, and then to our counselors once every two months for our meetings, YOUR voice will always be a voice that provides a positive impact to our guild. Your wisdom and your words of encouragement to everyone within our guild will be the pillars that hold our guild together.

Through our five oaths that we do our best to promote to all of our members; Integrity, Encouragement, Family, Growth and Development, we will always ensure that whenever you join our home, that this guild will be your home to whichever capacity you wish to make it.

Everyone is welcome to join our guild who resides on the Republic side on the server Star Forge. Allow us to provide you the home that you have been looking for today!

We also have a Discord Server if anyone would like to join it. Shoot either Sciophobic or anyone from our guild, and they will be happy to toss you an invite.

Join Us!

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